Mediation Services

Gavin Mediation Services

The goal of mediation is an agreement between the parties which resolves the dispute.

Mediation is a confidential process that empowers the parties involved with an opportunity to decide the outcome of their dispute. In mediation, the mediator is a neutral party who facilitates communication for the parties in a dispute.

William Gavin has completed mediation skills training at the prestigious Northwestern University for Professional Studies and is available to serve as a mediator in tort litigation. He has also participated in hundreds of mediations representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants and is well-versed in all aspects of mediation.

William Gavin is available to serve as a mediator throughout Illinois and Missouri, including the areas of St. Clair County, Illinois, Madison, County, Illinois, Monroe County, Illinois, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, Southern Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, and Central Missouri.