River Workers

Gavin Law River Workers Accident Attorneys

William Gavin has experience in the litigation of admiralty claims of injured river workers. He has successfully represented deck hands, mates, cooks, engineers, and casino workers who were injured while working aboard a vessel on the rivers in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, and Ohio. These personal injury claims are typically filed under the terms of the Jones Act and the general maritime law of the United States.

William Gavin also recently successfully completed an admiralty suit against a municipality on behalf of the family of a fireworks company employee who drowned when the fireworks aboard a barge afloat on the Mississippi River exploded and drove the workers off the barge and into the river. This suit involved complex issues of admiralty law.

Our river workers claims personal injury lawyers serve clients throughout Illinois and Missouri, including the areas of St. Clair County, Illinois, Madison, County, Illinois, Monroe County, Illinois, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, Southern Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, and Central Missouri.